Where does Guilt come from ?

Today I am no longer a prisoner to my thoughts. I am no longer captivated by my fears and I am no longer tied down by the weight and guilt that has built up to which at times has made me become one of the worst human beings of my life, pushed me to places that I don’t even think I would forgive myself for.

Guilt comes from a place of the past. It robs you from your present moment of being alive. We as humans are programmed to dwell on missed opportunities and others, rather than just focus on how we are going to become better people for ourselves. In addition, anxiety comes from a place of thinking too much into the future. I’m not saying it’s not ok to reminisce on the past or even plan for the future, but when either one take away from the present moment, that’s when I feel it becomes problematic. There are times where I’ll have guilt – never understood why I had it until I wrote down my reasons or what led onto them. Each time I realized I was caught up in an idea or moment that I’m trying to fix, but in reality I have no control over. In my mind, that’s the definition of insanity. I’ve also had times where I was caught up in wanting something more than what I had. For example, if I had $500, I would worry about wanting $1000 even though the $500 I had may have been sufficient enough for me. Rather than understanding how to keep the $500 to teach myself better spending habits and a better life, I strived for the unattainable. This gave me constant anxiety. Again, something I would define as insanity.

Now I know for a fact that every single person reading this has gone through some sort of battle. My pain isn’t necessarily the same as yours when you went through your battles. However, the concept of the pain is ideally the same. My message is simply this: Allow yourself to let go of anything that would prevent you from becoming the best version of you. This is from something as small as drinking your favorite orange juice in the morning to something larger like picking what your fights are. Understand that the energy you let out into the universe is the energy you will receive back. The universe has enough bad energy as is – why are we so complex as people that we have so many differences and cannot come to a common agreement?


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