A simple Conservation

Feelings. Let’s talk about feelings. An emotional state or reaction is the definition of a feeling. Today I felt a bunch of feelings whether it was me being able to wake up this morning or me just simply being able to write this out. All I know is that us as people we feel. Today I saw this 93 year old man sitting down in a wheel chair and he look worried. I remembered that look because when I was in the hospital I would be worried when I didn’t know what was going on. In the background people were talking about politics and when I saw that he wasn’t amused, I grabbed the remote and switched the channel.

I kind of got annoyed today, because this middle-aged woman with salty gray hair behind a desk at the hospital was complaining. She was complaing about stuff she didn’t like. I, then, for the first time in my life learned how to use my cancer card. I said “We can go on blaming everyone else for our problems, because it’s the easy way out, or we can sit here and take responsibility for our actions and start with the problem”.

I looked back at this once worried 93 year old and got a smile out of him. I told him my story of accomplishments. He was the bought in for the x-ray. On his way out he kissed my hand and told me please, keep doing what you are doing.

Today was a overall good day, i made a change not only for myself but for a lot of people. I made a change to the school policy on accepting medical marijuana as a medicine and not a drug, i got to have that older man laugh, and I’ve helped some many people coping with cancer. So yea today i feel good, so tomorrow i will feed off today’s energy.


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