Repair time

Do you hit something that is broken. No we try and fix it, right? Then why do we allow pain to enter our lives? Why do we love to fall victim to the same old thing that may have came our way the day before? I ask these questions because as of late, my mind has been ignoring pain. I don’t allow myself to dwell on the misery that this world has to offer because the second I do I will fall enslaved to my own thoughts and those thoughts are brought upon me by no one but myself. In school, we are told we can become what ever we want in life. We allow our thoughts to make us anything we want to be in life. I remember having my Stone Cold Steve Austin toy, making my voice sound like JR, create my own fights and my own rules to life … but then i grew up and the world taught me something different. It stole away my thoughts and allowed me to build an ego against society for all its harm. I was protecting myself from harm but in reality harm was in my control all along. I was the thinker of my thoughts. I still am. Today, I closed my eyes and for the first time in a while I was able to go anywhere with my thoughts and I was able to live them out again.IMG_2936 (1)


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