From September, 2018


Money or Laughter

You might think that you may know me based off of my old writing or my old pictures. Maybe you even think I have the world at my fingertips. Yes, I traveled the world with life after cancer, but is that happiness? Is happiness measured by material?


Same start different finish

Everyday we wake up. That within itself is the greatest blessing in the world. We think we are going to live on forever. I have been waiting for my moment to shine and kept getting blocked by my own style of thinking. Life is worth living; this is the one chance we have at living it. I sometimes drift away from what I really stand for. After all, I am human. I have some anger inside me still; I’ve learned how to control to a certain degree. Life is with living. I sometimes get mad at myself, limiting who I…

Double sided conversation.

Knock knock! Who’s there ? Me. Me, who? It’s me, you. The person that has been with you for the last 27 years of your life. Can you let me in? No. What do you mean no? I said NO!! Why do you always do this? Do what? This. Can you just leave me alone? No, I can’t leave you alone. I let you be for a little while and now it’s time to man up and get your shit together. What do you mean by get my shit together? I have it together. You do? Yes. Can you explain…


We are People. Humans that feel feelings. We are more than just flesh. Underneath our flesh lives the soul. I have been so lost in trying to find myself. I used to think that everything was okay. Everything will eventually be okay in the end. I live for things that most people won’t and don’t understand, Inside me there are feelings that have been burnt out from the fire within me. In each of us there are things that burn. We are all on different levels of this thing called life. People have this sense of believing what they believe…