Same start different finish

Everyday we wake up. That within itself is the greatest blessing in the world. We think we are going to live on forever. I have been waiting for my moment to shine and kept getting blocked by my own style of thinking. Life is worth living; this is the one chance we have at living it.

I sometimes drift away from what I really stand for. After all, I am human. I have some anger inside me still; I’ve learned how to control to a certain degree. Life is with living.

I sometimes get mad at myself, limiting who I want to become in thinking people could save me. I’ll save myself.

Mainstream isn’t for me. I was given a second chance; most people only have one. What is narcissism? What is self worth?

Answer those two questions and hopefully you’ll realize the difference. Most people don’t even the know the difference between empathy and sympathy. Somewhere along the line I turned off empathy and I started to became a narcissist. Fuck you; don’t judge me on that. I am aware of who I am, I became more logical in a sense of living. I get twisted in my mind when people tell me how to live. I learn from my wrongs. After all I am only human, and so are you!! Let’s learn how to become one first.

God is real. God is in all of us and we are all of the things controlling this universe. Money is what motivates a lot people. Of course we need money to go on living, but we need health first. What is the point of doing something out of stress?

In surviving and having a second chance at life, I became more humble. I am a very simply guy. I like having messy hair and a beard. One of the many reason is because I hated what chemo did to me. I made a promise to myself to never go short again. People think they know me and they think I am just another victim. Let them think that. I am starting to understand everyone is just in a different phase of life.



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