In god we trust

A part of my feel like I have lost touch with this world. 

Another part of me feels like the whole world is living in me. I am not saying that I have given up, for that I have breathe I will keep living. I am saying I have given up on the human race, the ones that I have already met. This world is small, the people living in are not. I have talk a lot about mental health, I have talked a lot about my own battles with cancer, addiction, and other things that made me really vunerable.

In being vunerable you will break, you will become weak, but really it will be the strongest that you ever felt. Most people, never will show the world who they really are because they are scared, they were once shut down. The contunie to let that little child in them live in fear.

Sometimes we feel like this world is against us, the world is for us. I am learning, I won’t be sorry for trying to understand who I want to become, I am sorry you failed to see your own shadow in my own failures. I am who I am because that the way god created me.


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